söndag 31 december 2006

Happy New Year

This will be the only drink I have tonight, no champagne at midnight, just this one, a physalis daiquiri.
Had no strawberries at home, but this one is really tasty! watchout! too easy to drink.

lördag 30 december 2006


Sitting here, trying to choose what kind of chilipeppers Im going to plant this season. These four are mediumhot, beautiful to look at, and hopefully tasty enough to spice up everything I'll cook or bake. Mashed potatoes with chili, bread with chili, chili on icecream, chili on chocolat.
Well, its saturday, going to have a very relaxed evening, not feeling well, no fever but some allergy.... hate it. Lucky to have Discovery, I can see Orange County Choppers tonight, and American Hot Rods if I like. Unfortunately there are no quiltshows on tv in sweden.
Have fun, take care, happy quilting

Sitting here trying to pick a couple of chilipeppers to plants this season... not easy at all, want them all.

måndag 25 december 2006

just testing how to upload photos

A cute little house made by a friend of mine, the santas are only 1" high.

Finally I remembered

How to sign in and write something here on my blog *lol*

Seems like Im getting older and forgetting about everything... created this blog in november and forgot how to sign in the moment I signed out.

Well, sitting here in sweden, day after christmas eve.

fredag 10 november 2006

at work, earlier this year, cold but sunny

Hi everybody

Just another friday night, sitting here, writing in my swedish blog, someone writes a really nice comment to me, I cant reply because I didnt have an account here... so, what to do? create a blog? yeah, why not have two blogs? one swedish and one international!

In the swedish blog I write about everything that comes to my mind, about quilting, sharing recipies, love, unfaithfulness, my kids...

ok, maybe I shall introduce myself

I'm 50+, divorced, female...

have fun, take care