torsdag 3 juli 2008

Hi there

Some pics of roses. I love roses...

well, last pic is a geranium, wectis glitter...
have a great day

söndag 6 april 2008

quilt and cherryblossom

This is an almost finished quilt for my dear son 1 and his girlfriend, just have to layer and quilt.

love these flowers, cherryblossom, too early but lovely.

tisdag 25 mars 2008

Hej alla goa vänner

I made this quilt for my son 2, as you can see its a kingsize.

Now Im working on a quilt for my son 1, white on white, I think he will regret his choice of colour after a while...

At the same time Im working on a DWR for my own bed. Have made 1 row of rings... sigh.